Walking toward our pain together.

Life is this messy adventure that is full of mountainous highs and deep valley lows. Then there is a whole lot of “in between.” My life has definitely been formed by my highs and lows, but I am learning it is what I do “in between” that changes me. The “in between” is the struggle where we have to deal with the bitter and sweet, the sorrow and joy, of life. It is easy to focus on the highs in the space of the “in between,” but we tend to avoid the lows and even the dull norms of life. When we ignore or hide emotions we walk a false life that denies us deep joy. I am inviting you into all of it. Here you will find a place where I specifically focus on grief and pain. It is scary and hard for sure! However, I am learning when you walk toward your pain you can experience life more fully. Let’s do it together…you are not alone!

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